Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentines Day

I know this "holiday" seems a little cliche....but I really like valentine's day! I think that valentines day was created by the greeting card companies as a way for people to spend more money, but I think its pretty fun.

The boys woke up to little valentine presents that they have thoroughly enjoyed all morning...as well as some chocolate. *side-note...when you give a 2 year old chocolate at 7:30 in the morning there will be repercussions...like jumping from the 5th...yes a said 5th...stair and running around like a CRAZY man :) But its all in good fun and Dave and I got a good chuckle about the whole thing. Dave got a present and card from me...I really like giving gifts.

We are all dressed in red...I even made my husband:)

We made valentines for friends.

We have read lots of books about valentines day. My favorite is Little Critter Valentines Day

For lunch we will have peanut butter and jelly sandwiches shaped like a heart. And its fun to color their milk red.

After rest we will talk about St. Valentine...learn more about him here.

For dinner we will have a heart shaped pizza from Papa Murpheys and valentine cookies for desert.

Maybe a little over the top...yes maybe! But seriously...we are having fun today! Maybe its the kindergarten teacher coming out in me...who knows!

My little valentines!

I hope everyone has a wonderful day spent with friends and loved ones!

Happy Valentines Day!


Cynthia said...

You're such a fun mom, Kari! How sweet are those boys??

Kathy said...

I 'heart' your family!