Tuesday, June 5, 2012

What's Happening with the Staples

1.) We bought a HOUSE! A place to call our very own! It was a crazy process and not something we were planning on doing at this time but everything pointed to the direction that this was the right move for us. The house that we are currently renting, the landlords wanted to put it on the market. We agreed to it and they were going to give us 60 days notice if someone was interested. Right away they were getting offers, lower then the asking price so none were considered. But it made us really think about what our next move was going to be. Do we rent another house...NO! But we were open to the idea if that was what needed to happen. A good family friend took us under her wing and started showing us some houses. Everything was selling so fast...it was crazy! I would see a house online that I liked and that night it would be under contract. So long story short, a house popped up that we were interested in and we actually wrote the contract before we even looked at the house. We quick looked at it...LOVED it and 4 hours later were delivering the contract. Whats even more CRAZY and what made our decision that much easier was that the people that sold the house 4 years ago to the current sellers were good family friends. (And I went with their son to my senior prom:)!) So we knew that house was taken care of and was a good family home. They accepted our offer...it was all so surreal. We seriously feel so blessed! It was great renting and we had some really cute apartments and houses along the way with lots of wonderful memories but it was time to have our very own home. Somewhere I can garden, paint and truly make ours!

We haven't moved yet. We closed May 24th but the sellers are moving out of the country and needed more time before they moved out. With that said we are renting it back to them for a month. We take ownership June 30th! Our first home improvement job will be removing the popcorn ceilings...we thought it would be easier before we moved all of out stuff in.

Now I get to pack, pack, pack..and clean, clean, clean. But I am actually excited about it because God willing it will be our last time packing for awhile! God is SO good!

This was the day we closed! 

2.) Baker is potty trained! YAY! If Baker was my first child I potty trained I would have been worried about Jacob. Jacob was SO difficult to potty train...we are still working on accidents! He seriously holds it till the very last minute...does the potty dance and still will refuse to go. He is so afraid he is going to miss something...even in the morning it is like pulling teeth getting him to change out of his pull-up. And he is still very wet at night (which I know is normal). Baker on the other hand had been showing interest. He would tell me occasionally he had to go potty and go! I decided to try putting him in underwear after Dave was done with campus for the school year. I really thought he would be like Jacob and I would need all the help I could get. That was NOT the case. He seriously was completely potty trained in 3 days...it is seriously the craziest thing to me. He is even dry at night. I didn't do anything different then what I did while training Jacob. I actually don't even know what to say about the whole thing it was so easy...I guess it just goes to show you that all kids are different and learn at different speeds. We are thrilled over here though! Go Baker!  

Here is Baker at the zoo...this pictures cracks me up because it reminds me of Billy Madison. 

3.) Beau is crawling...and getting into everything. Because this child is HUGE he didn't do anything for the longest time. He would just lay there or sit in his excer saucer. But one day he sat up on his own...the next week he was crawling and now he is everywhere! Climbing up stairs, pulling himself up, climbing in to the toy box (not even kidding!) He loves it and so do we! So fun!

4.) Dave is home for the summer! Well I should say he is home for the summer but working really hard too! I LOVE having him home, even if he is behind a locked door! Drinking coffee with him in the morning, having him eat lunch with us in the afternoon, taking breaks here and there and watching movies in the evening after the kiddos go to bed. Its wonderful!

5.) Jacob got a new bike for the summer! Here is a picture of the big boy!

6.) New favorite song of the week! Turn it up and try not to dance! 

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Today my very dear friend, Cynthia, featured me on her blog in her mother to mother series. I gave practical ways on how to keep a clean and organized house. Read it here....as well as other women who have given advice in the same area...and on the morning routine!

Cynthia has a beautiful blog and always has something insightful to day. Check her out for sures!

Monday, February 20, 2012


Lent begins in 2 days for the Roman Catholic Church. 40 days to grow closer to our Lord, to grow in discipline and to anticipate Christ rising from the dead on Easter . I really do enjoy Lent. Its a time for me to choose some of my vices and things I would like to work on and do it.

I always like to hear what others are doing for Lent...so if you are willing, please share. It helps give me ideas. I have some things that I will do...I have some ideas I have been praying about, but I would like to do some new things as well.

These are some Lenten ideas I have been praying about:

- Getting up at 6 am to shower and pray before the boys wake up
- Going through In Conversation with God for part of my Lenten mediation
- Taking the boys to Adoration for 10-15 minutes and pray outside planned parenthood on Friday afternoons.
- Pray the Rosary daily (don't judge :-), the Rosary is SUPER hard for me!)
- Take the Facebook app off my phone - not give up Facebook completely, just not have it as accessible.
- no sweets

What do you do for your children to help them experience Lent? I did made a stations of the cross box for the boys this year. I got the ideas of what to put in the box here. I just bought a wooden box from Hobby Lobby and painted it purple. We are placing all the pieces for each station in the box. I was also thinking about putting 40 "to do's" in a jar that they pick everyday. They would be things like; help mommy with the laundry, help make the beds, pick up toys, etc. They do do these things everyday, it will just be a way for us to think, meditate and talk about what Christ did for us as we are doing that specific chore. I'm not quite sure of all the logistics yet, so if you have done something similar like this with your children please share.

This is the first year that I think Jacob will start to understanding Lent. That we do things during these 40 days to grow closer to our Lord and think about how He died on the cross for us to save us from our sins.

Also, what do you think? Do Sundays count during Lent as part of your Lenten sacrifice or is it a "cheat day", a mini Easter? In the past I have always done what I gave up for Lent on Sundays. I am just interested in what others think and possibly doing it different this year.

I pray that you all have a blessed Lent!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentines Day

I know this "holiday" seems a little cliche....but I really like valentine's day! I think that valentines day was created by the greeting card companies as a way for people to spend more money, but I think its pretty fun.

The boys woke up to little valentine presents that they have thoroughly enjoyed all morning...as well as some chocolate. *side-note...when you give a 2 year old chocolate at 7:30 in the morning there will be repercussions...like jumping from the 5th...yes a said 5th...stair and running around like a CRAZY man :) But its all in good fun and Dave and I got a good chuckle about the whole thing. Dave got a present and card from me...I really like giving gifts.

We are all dressed in red...I even made my husband:)

We made valentines for friends.

We have read lots of books about valentines day. My favorite is Little Critter Valentines Day

For lunch we will have peanut butter and jelly sandwiches shaped like a heart. And its fun to color their milk red.

After rest we will talk about St. Valentine...learn more about him here.

For dinner we will have a heart shaped pizza from Papa Murpheys and valentine cookies for desert.

Maybe a little over the top...yes maybe! But seriously...we are having fun today! Maybe its the kindergarten teacher coming out in me...who knows!

My little valentines!

I hope everyone has a wonderful day spent with friends and loved ones!

Happy Valentines Day!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

My Friend, Stacy.

I grew up swimming and met most of my awesome friends throughout my time in the water...here is the story of my friend, Stacy.

In the 4th grade my mom put me on the YMCA swim team. I loved it so much that I wanted to swim year around. When we moved to Colorado we found FAST
(Fort Collins Area Swim Team) where I continued to live in the water. When I entered high school I was on the Rocky Mountain Lobos swim team. I had SO much fun with those girls and have so many memories from my time swimming in high school. When high school was over I was ready to hang up my goggles and swim cap. I wanted to experience college without swimming. I was done with the chlorine smell..seriously every time I got wet the smell would resinate from my skin. I was done with the tinged yellow hair. I was ready to live outside the water.

My first semester at UNC (University of Northern Colorado) I needed to take a PE class. I decided to take swimming just to have some fun time in the water. After 2 weeks in the class the swim instructor, who was also the swim coach, asked me and another girl if we were interested in swimming for the UNC swim team. She saw potential she said. I thought about it for a couple days and decided that it would be a lot of fun and it was something that I would like to do.

The first day of swim practice I was nervous.

I was scared.

These girls had already been swimming together for a couple weeks, they were in better shape then I was and they had already gotten to know each other. Here I was, the new girl.

I remember getting there a few minutes early. I put my swimsuit and cap on. I was ready to introduce myself.

The girls began to enter the locker room. Here goes nothing...

Within seconds, without hesitation, a blond, curly haired girl approached me and introduced herself. "Hi, my name is Stacy Frey." Right then and there the awkwardness left. The uneasiness left. The nervous butterflies left.

Stacy quickly put on her swimsuit and took me by the hand and led me out to the pool where she introduced me to every other girl on the swim team.

Stacy made my first day of swim practice comfortable. That is where we became best friends.

After that moment we spend ALL of our time together. Swim practice of course... breakfast, lunch and dinner in the cafeteria, parties, parties and more parties. We were friends. Friends that enjoyed spending time together. Friends that made each other laugh. Friends that told secrets. Friends that cried together. Friends that comforted each other when boys broke our hearts. Friends that shared life with one another.

Stacy would come home with me for Easter where we would drink one too many mimosas. We wold see scary movies together and then I would need her to stay the night because I was scared out of my mind. She would go through haunted houses with me and hold my hand the whole time. We would sit on the bus next to each other on the way to swim meets and laugh and tell jokes and tell each other not to take that last bite of our sandwich. We would tell each other the truth about the outfit we had chosen to wear to The Armory. We would dance like nobody was watching...all the time. We even spent a summer together working at a camp in New York.

I loved my time with Stacy.

Stacy says what she thinks and feels without hesitation. Everyone who comes in contact with Stacy immediately is friends with her. She doesn't make anyone feel uncomfortable...ever. She is funny. Like pee your pants funny. She is honest. She is joyful. She is beautiful.

She made my time at UNC worth it all.

Almost 3 years ago my friend Stacy was diagnosed with ALS also known as Lou Gehrigs disease or Motor Neuron Disease. A year before she was diagnosed she married her soulmate, Mike. She met Mike at that same summer camp in New York where he also worked. He is from Australia and that is where they now live. Mike is basically Stacy in the male form and those two together are the real deal.

2 years ago I went out and visited Stacy and Mike in Montana while they were back for a fundraiser. My time with them was absolutely beautiful.

Stacy and Baker

One of the things that left me awe-struck while visiting them was the love that Mike and Stacy have for one another. Mike is Stacy's body and does things for her without being asked. Every time I think about the way Mike took care of Stacy, the way he looked at her with love, the way he joked with her and the way he finished her sentences brings tears to my eyes. Their love is truly a self-giving love.

Mike and Stacy

We never will understand why God allows certain things to happen or why He allows suffering in this world. But I do know that Stacy is an inspiration to me and to all those around her. I do know that God blessed her with Mike to be her husband and go through this journey with her, to have a best friend by her side always. She truly lives life to the fullest.

Her friendship means the world to me and I am a better person for having Stacy as a friend.

I love you very much Stacy.

Happy 30th Birthday!

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Praying for the Superbowl.

Jacob: "Mom, I need to pray for the Superbowl." As he grabs a Rosary from our Rosary box.

Me: "Okay"

Jacob: "Dear God, please help the Superbowl players have enough food to eat. Amen."

Amen brother...I hope we all have enough delicious food to eat today!

Have a happy Superbowl Sunday!

Go Giants!

Friday, February 3, 2012

10 Things you Never Knew...

About the writer of this blog

I was tagged to do this fun little post by my dear friend Cynthia. And on this snowy day with the boys out sledding with their daddy, the little Beau asleep (for probably 2 more minutes...have I mentioned he is a terrible sleeper!), the house picked up and the laundry put away I thought 'YES!!!'

10.) I really like my house picked up and organized. The beds have to be made everyday and the counters have to be disinfected every day...that one might be a little OCD. The toys all have there special place and...I am embarrassed to say this one...but as we are putting toys aways I count to make sure all the toys are together. If we have 10 little people, I count to make sure there all together...you get the point. ANAL!

9.) I really cannot function in the morning without my coffee. Before we do ANYTHING I have to have that cup in hand. For Christmas we got a coffee pot with a timer and it has been the best. thing. ever. Waking up in the morning to already brewed coffee...yes please!

8.) I dress the boys alike...pretty much everyday. If Jacob is wearing sweatpants, Baker and Beau will wear sweatpants. If Baker is wearing brown pants then the other two have brown pants on as well. You get the point.

7.) I love watching movies. Especially romantic movies where I need a box of tissues by my side.

6.) I want more children (God-willing) and I DO pray that we are blessed with a girl someday...but I really want 5 boys all in a row. My own little basketball team!

5.) I have my toes painted all the time, even in the winter...I really just like to have pretty toes!

4.) Before getting pregnant with Beau John Paul we had a miscarriage. Little Cecilia Anne is in heaven looking upon us everyday. I ask her to pray for me everyday and I feel especially close to her when receiving our Lord in Holy Communion. I miss her and am blessed to have had her with us for a short while. Our family has a little saint in heaven praying for us.

3.) I really wish that I could sing. And believe me I can not...at all. Sometimes I pretend that I can.

2.) I like to cook...but I don't LOVE it. I wish I did but I don't. We are pretty simple over here and when I bake...it's usually from a box!

1.) I make popcorn almost every night....its our favorite!

Well there you go folks! 10 things you never knew! Make your own! Can't wait to ready others!