Tuesday, June 5, 2012

What's Happening with the Staples

1.) We bought a HOUSE! A place to call our very own! It was a crazy process and not something we were planning on doing at this time but everything pointed to the direction that this was the right move for us. The house that we are currently renting, the landlords wanted to put it on the market. We agreed to it and they were going to give us 60 days notice if someone was interested. Right away they were getting offers, lower then the asking price so none were considered. But it made us really think about what our next move was going to be. Do we rent another house...NO! But we were open to the idea if that was what needed to happen. A good family friend took us under her wing and started showing us some houses. Everything was selling so fast...it was crazy! I would see a house online that I liked and that night it would be under contract. So long story short, a house popped up that we were interested in and we actually wrote the contract before we even looked at the house. We quick looked at it...LOVED it and 4 hours later were delivering the contract. Whats even more CRAZY and what made our decision that much easier was that the people that sold the house 4 years ago to the current sellers were good family friends. (And I went with their son to my senior prom:)!) So we knew that house was taken care of and was a good family home. They accepted our offer...it was all so surreal. We seriously feel so blessed! It was great renting and we had some really cute apartments and houses along the way with lots of wonderful memories but it was time to have our very own home. Somewhere I can garden, paint and truly make ours!

We haven't moved yet. We closed May 24th but the sellers are moving out of the country and needed more time before they moved out. With that said we are renting it back to them for a month. We take ownership June 30th! Our first home improvement job will be removing the popcorn ceilings...we thought it would be easier before we moved all of out stuff in.

Now I get to pack, pack, pack..and clean, clean, clean. But I am actually excited about it because God willing it will be our last time packing for awhile! God is SO good!

This was the day we closed! 

2.) Baker is potty trained! YAY! If Baker was my first child I potty trained I would have been worried about Jacob. Jacob was SO difficult to potty train...we are still working on accidents! He seriously holds it till the very last minute...does the potty dance and still will refuse to go. He is so afraid he is going to miss something...even in the morning it is like pulling teeth getting him to change out of his pull-up. And he is still very wet at night (which I know is normal). Baker on the other hand had been showing interest. He would tell me occasionally he had to go potty and go! I decided to try putting him in underwear after Dave was done with campus for the school year. I really thought he would be like Jacob and I would need all the help I could get. That was NOT the case. He seriously was completely potty trained in 3 days...it is seriously the craziest thing to me. He is even dry at night. I didn't do anything different then what I did while training Jacob. I actually don't even know what to say about the whole thing it was so easy...I guess it just goes to show you that all kids are different and learn at different speeds. We are thrilled over here though! Go Baker!  

Here is Baker at the zoo...this pictures cracks me up because it reminds me of Billy Madison. 

3.) Beau is crawling...and getting into everything. Because this child is HUGE he didn't do anything for the longest time. He would just lay there or sit in his excer saucer. But one day he sat up on his own...the next week he was crawling and now he is everywhere! Climbing up stairs, pulling himself up, climbing in to the toy box (not even kidding!) He loves it and so do we! So fun!

4.) Dave is home for the summer! Well I should say he is home for the summer but working really hard too! I LOVE having him home, even if he is behind a locked door! Drinking coffee with him in the morning, having him eat lunch with us in the afternoon, taking breaks here and there and watching movies in the evening after the kiddos go to bed. Its wonderful!

5.) Jacob got a new bike for the summer! Here is a picture of the big boy!

6.) New favorite song of the week! Turn it up and try not to dance!