Thursday, November 20, 2008

Young Man Joins Bible Study and Soon to be Student Leader?

I was having dinner with some students after a Sunday Mass. In my mind I noted one young man's zeal for Christ, his apparent strength as a man, and that I hadn't seen him before - he obviously wasn't involved in a FOCUS Men's Bible study.
As dinner came to an end, I asked him about his faith life, only to find out that he was a fallen away Catholic who had just started coming to Mass again (praise God!). He didn't know much about the Faith, and didn't seem to trust it much either, but was more than eager to learn. I lead a couple of senior Bible studies that wouldn't have been the best situation for him, so I told him why I thought he should join a study and what he would get out of it and then put my partner Chris in touch with him. He has since joined Chris's study, he came on a FOCUS Corporeal Work of Mercy this past weekend, and Chris is now considering inviting him into Discipleship (which would consist of mentoring him the rest of the year, and then having him start a Bible study next fall).
I'll let you know what our Lord continues to do in the heart of this young man.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

While White House policies are changing, a missionary's is not

If you're like me and can be a slightly meloncholic when the moment allows, you might have felt a little depressed the night of the elections or the following morning.  For me, I've followed the candidates quite a bit recently and am still a bit unsure of what Obama's plans are on a number of issues and if they're going to work.  It is obvious that he knows how to create momentum, cast some kind of vision, and get people to follow him.  
But the slight feeling of depression probably came from the understanding that more babies than ever in America may be killed in the very near future.  His comments to Planned Parenthood were pretty clear about what he planned to do immediately after entering the White House.
But our Lord's commands will never change, and neither will our job as missionaries to teach the Truth and share a loving Faith with everyone we can.  While our mission to change the culture was never any less important, it may have in this country just become a little more important - if that makes sense.