Wednesday, March 31, 2010


One day you put your boys down for a nap and realize that without you even knowing it, life has gotten easier with 2 children.

Baker is 8 1/2 months and as I look back at the short (feels like forever) time we have spent together I can see that Baker has gotten bigger! Duh you are thinking... but when you spend everyday with someone you don't see them grow. There are so many firsts when you bring a baby home from the hospital. Baker ate all the time, he slept all the time (expect at night of course) and he was so portable...he adapted to wherever we were! The sleepless nights...lets be honest I still have a lot of those, Baker does not sleep through the night by any means. But unlike with Jacob I don't care, well sometimes I care and have to ask for the grace of God to be with me. I have learned to enjoy these moments with him in the middle of the night where he just wants to be close and nurse. I know they wont last forever. The first smile and how it melts your heart. The first time he interacts with you and enjoys the little games you play with him. Rolling over. The first tooth and that gummy smile turning into one full of teeth. Sitting up. Crawling. And now standing up. How did this all happened right before my eyes?

The other day I just realized...that everything was easier. While I was making dinner Jacob and Baker played together in the kitchen. The giggles that came from the both of them made me smile. Baker can crawl...he follows us around and can entertain himself. They take their afternoon nap at the same time...I NEVER thought that would happen. But at some point it just does. The things you never thought would never happen at some point will.

Jacob has grown as well. Being just 16 1/2 months when we had Baker, Jacob was still a baby. He still needed us for so much. It is crazy to believe that he is now 2 and how much of a helper he is. He can tell us what he needs and wants. He has conversations with us and makes us laugh all the time. Even though there are difficult moments with a 2 year old I find that several things with Jacob have gotten easier. The whole discipline aspect of raising a toddler can be challenging but we figure it out as we go.

**all days are not easy. sometimes they do not sleep at the same time, sometimes they do not play well together, somethings Jacob sits on Baker and makes him cry, sometimes Baker just needs to be held when I am making dinner, sometimes Jacob just wants to be held, somedays I cannot wait for Dave to get home.

I am NO super Mom...but things are getting easier!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

March Madness

March Madness...

The one time of year my husband watches TV...if there is a basketball game on in the month of March, it will be on. The sounds of sneakers on the basketball court, basketballs swishing through the net, cheers from the crowd, whistles blowing and the sound of my husband cheering...or lets be honest, yelling at the television comes from the living room!

Today as we were heading out for Palm Sunday Mass he asked me if we had anything planned after Mass because we needed to get home in enough time to watch Michigan State in the elite 8. Dave is on alumn of Michigan State and cheers for the Spartans whenever possible!

I never was a basketball fan until I met my husband...and now I cheer for the Spartans if they are playing. Today during the game I probably asked him a million questions...and no I am not exaggerating. Questions like..."Why did the coach do that?" or "What is the player thinking?" Questions my husband would just look at me and laugh...but try to answer to appease me.

During the game today Dave was getting SO nervous! He was sitting probably 2 feet from the TV...and in the last 3 minutes of the game (which takes probably 30 minutes) he told me to stop asking him questions...he needed to focus! All in a loving way of course! :) I told him that I now know where Jacob gets it...he likes to stand right in front of the TV too!

Michigan State did win...and it was a close one. They will be headed to the final four and play know what we will be doing!

We have two little good luck charms on our hands that were decked out in their Spartan gear today thanks to Grandma Staples...


Friday, March 26, 2010

Bath Time

Bath time...oh how we love bath time at the Staples' house!

It is our favorite time of day! After dinner we immediately go into the bath tub, that way there is less clean up! We could spend forever in the bath tub...but I make them get out once their fingers are wrinkled and the water is getting too cold.

Baker can sit up on his own now so he goes into the bath tub with Jacob...what a difference that has much easier! Baker is a CRAZY man! He dives straight onto his belly and begins to splash! Therefore we do not put much water in the bath tub! Jacob constantly asks me "what Baker doing?" I just reply..."He is crazy!"

It is so much fun watching them play in the tub! Their favorite toy is a plastic spoon, who would have thought something so inexpensive would entertain for so long. Thats how everything goes though... buy them a present and the box it came in is way more fun! Jacob has a cup with his spoon and makes soup...yum yum! "Mommy try it!" he says!

After bath time we have clean diapers, soft skin, warm snuggly pajamas and a smell that I could breath in forever! That is my favorite time of day; two boys that smell wonderful and have skin that feels so soft...

Sunday, March 21, 2010


I LOVE Sundays! Especially when you are able to spend time with your family. Today was extra nice because Dave didn't have to go to campus. Usually on Sundays he leaves in the afternoon to lead 2 Bible studies and attend student he was able to stay home. It was the start of CU's spring we actually get all week with him... After Mass this morning we went to breakfast together, we don't do this often but we make a point to do it once a month. We then came home and all played together for 2 hours...then nap time arrived. I took a nap when the boys did and 2 hours later I was a well rested women. We then enjoyed the beautiful weather, taking advantage of our backyard. Leftovers for dinner, bath time and bed. We then sat on the couch...Dave slept, with a glass of wine in one hand and popcorn in the other. A wonderful end to a beautiful day!

Not that it will be a complete vacation...he still has class at the AI, which means studying and we still have lots of MPD (mission partner development) to do. But it will be nice having him home in the mornings!

Mornings are actually my favorite time of day. I love the kiddos in their pajamas, morning breath, warm cheeks, bed head from a good nights rest, a nice, BIG warm cup of coffee in my hand, nothing beats it. This week will be really nice!

Here is a picture of what I get to see every morning...

New Adventures at the Staples house!

Baker has decided to try his hands out at crawling! He is getting the hang of it and is EVERYWHERE! It is so great watching him discover his new found freedom!

Jacob started crawling at 8 1/2 months and Baker is crawling at 8 months. I never thought Baker would be crawling this took him forever to roll over. I guess he wants to keep up with his BIG brother.

Check out the video below to see Baker in action.