Friday, February 3, 2012

10 Things you Never Knew...

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I was tagged to do this fun little post by my dear friend Cynthia. And on this snowy day with the boys out sledding with their daddy, the little Beau asleep (for probably 2 more minutes...have I mentioned he is a terrible sleeper!), the house picked up and the laundry put away I thought 'YES!!!'

10.) I really like my house picked up and organized. The beds have to be made everyday and the counters have to be disinfected every day...that one might be a little OCD. The toys all have there special place and...I am embarrassed to say this one...but as we are putting toys aways I count to make sure all the toys are together. If we have 10 little people, I count to make sure there all get the point. ANAL!

9.) I really cannot function in the morning without my coffee. Before we do ANYTHING I have to have that cup in hand. For Christmas we got a coffee pot with a timer and it has been the best. thing. ever. Waking up in the morning to already brewed coffee...yes please!

8.) I dress the boys alike...pretty much everyday. If Jacob is wearing sweatpants, Baker and Beau will wear sweatpants. If Baker is wearing brown pants then the other two have brown pants on as well. You get the point.

7.) I love watching movies. Especially romantic movies where I need a box of tissues by my side.

6.) I want more children (God-willing) and I DO pray that we are blessed with a girl someday...but I really want 5 boys all in a row. My own little basketball team!

5.) I have my toes painted all the time, even in the winter...I really just like to have pretty toes!

4.) Before getting pregnant with Beau John Paul we had a miscarriage. Little Cecilia Anne is in heaven looking upon us everyday. I ask her to pray for me everyday and I feel especially close to her when receiving our Lord in Holy Communion. I miss her and am blessed to have had her with us for a short while. Our family has a little saint in heaven praying for us.

3.) I really wish that I could sing. And believe me I can all. Sometimes I pretend that I can.

2.) I like to cook...but I don't LOVE it. I wish I did but I don't. We are pretty simple over here and when I's usually from a box!

1.) I make popcorn almost every night....its our favorite!

Well there you go folks! 10 things you never knew! Make your own! Can't wait to ready others!


Cynthia said...

I LOVE this list! AND, while I knew some of made me smile to know about the fact that you make popcorn every night...and you count your kids' toys. Two things I should adopt maybe?

Luke said...

What a lovely list, Kari! Truly the boys' coordinated wardrobe will result in a tighter-knit family. Concerning your other post, Jacob's prayer for the Superbowl is pretty dang adorable. The players all looked well nourished to me!