Monday, February 20, 2012


Lent begins in 2 days for the Roman Catholic Church. 40 days to grow closer to our Lord, to grow in discipline and to anticipate Christ rising from the dead on Easter . I really do enjoy Lent. Its a time for me to choose some of my vices and things I would like to work on and do it.

I always like to hear what others are doing for if you are willing, please share. It helps give me ideas. I have some things that I will do...I have some ideas I have been praying about, but I would like to do some new things as well.

These are some Lenten ideas I have been praying about:

- Getting up at 6 am to shower and pray before the boys wake up
- Going through In Conversation with God for part of my Lenten mediation
- Taking the boys to Adoration for 10-15 minutes and pray outside planned parenthood on Friday afternoons.
- Pray the Rosary daily (don't judge :-), the Rosary is SUPER hard for me!)
- Take the Facebook app off my phone - not give up Facebook completely, just not have it as accessible.
- no sweets

What do you do for your children to help them experience Lent? I did made a stations of the cross box for the boys this year. I got the ideas of what to put in the box here. I just bought a wooden box from Hobby Lobby and painted it purple. We are placing all the pieces for each station in the box. I was also thinking about putting 40 "to do's" in a jar that they pick everyday. They would be things like; help mommy with the laundry, help make the beds, pick up toys, etc. They do do these things everyday, it will just be a way for us to think, meditate and talk about what Christ did for us as we are doing that specific chore. I'm not quite sure of all the logistics yet, so if you have done something similar like this with your children please share.

This is the first year that I think Jacob will start to understanding Lent. That we do things during these 40 days to grow closer to our Lord and think about how He died on the cross for us to save us from our sins.

Also, what do you think? Do Sundays count during Lent as part of your Lenten sacrifice or is it a "cheat day", a mini Easter? In the past I have always done what I gave up for Lent on Sundays. I am just interested in what others think and possibly doing it different this year.

I pray that you all have a blessed Lent!

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Kathy said...

We should all aspire to be like you during Lent! You have such great ideas and these will be wonderful traditions that your boys will always talk about. Good job!