Thursday, October 14, 2010

Baker's 1st Haircut!

This is and always will be so emotional for me..the 1st haircut! For me, it is saying good-bye to my baby and then just like that...a toddler is sitting right in front of me! It had to happen though, Baker had been mistaken for a little girl one to many times. He has such cute was curly at the bottom (when dry), but when it was wet and I combed it it was all the way to his shoulder. Are you kidding me? Where did all this hair come from? It felt like it grew over night!
It was haircut day at my moms house for all the boys. (We are so blessed to have my mom cut hair!) Jacob...then Dave...and then Baker. I was very hesitant about the whole thing. He is only 15 months and I will be saying good-bye to his baby hair, the hair he was born with. (I actually don't know if that is true, his baby hair probably all fell out at some point. But I like to think of it as true!) I talked it over with Dave, who really didn't care or have an opinion, but talked it through with me none the less and we decided it was a go! WHY IS THIS SO HARD FOR ME???? So we did it! Baker Bear now looks all grown up and has a big boy haircut!

That night when we got home I looked at pictures of his hair before and I started to wish I hadn't done it...he really did look cute with his curls! BUT...he will not be mistaken for a girl anymore. (I never quite understand that...he is dressed like a boy, acts like a boy...really does he look like a girl?) And he REALLY does look cute with his haircut!

I know..I am a little silly! I just need a little girl whose hair I will not have to cut :)

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The Pumpkin Patch!

Last Friday we ventured out to thepumpkin patch for some fall fun and to collect our pumpkins! We went to this GREAT farm that had lots of fun stuff for the kiddos to do! They had bouncy castles for us to jump in, an inflatable slide for us to go down, farm animals for us to see and of course pumpkins for us to find! It was a really wonderful day for us!

We got home and put the pumpkins on our porch...they looked so cute sitting there, making our house look adorable! I woke up Saturday morning to find that one of our pumpkins had been smashed! What punks! I guess it will give us an excuse to go back!

Happy Fall!

Friday, October 1, 2010

Brotherly Love

In the past several weeks I have really noticed the relationship between Jacob and Baker start to change and develop. It all started when Baker began to was a whole new world for Baker and a lot of fun for Jacob to have Baker be able to keep up with him. They will play in the toy room together without me present and they will run up and down the hallway giggling. Jacob can't fall asleep unless he knows Baker is in the crib next to him and has to make sure he knows where Baker is at all times. Baker follows Jacob around EVERYWHERE and does whatever he does. For example, if Jacob is stomping his feet then Baker stomps his feet, if Jacob is patting his chest like a gorilla then Baker pats his chest like a gorilla....really cute to watch! I love when I am cooking dinner and I hear them laughing brings so much joy to my heart. The other day I walked into their bedroom to see what they were up to and this is what I discovered...

Now don't get me wrong, we still have our fair share of timeouts because of hitting or not sharing. I still have to constantly teach Baker to be gentle and tell him not to touch certain things. I have to remind Jacob to play nice with his brother and to treat him like he likes to be treated. But with all that...we have some brotherly love going on in this house!!!