Friday, September 24, 2010

Photo Session

My very dear, best, longest friend Adria blessed our family with her talents and took some pictures for us. It was around Baker's 1st birthday and she really captured some good ones. Take a look...

The Staples Family

Daddy and Baker

Daddy and Jacob



Baker and Mama

Mama and her boys


Cool Dude Jacob

Baker enjoying some cake

Too Cute for words!

Thank you SO much Adria! Such great memories captured! Love you!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Whats Happening with The Staples...

1. I cannot figure out this whole background blog thing...I will continue to mess with it and hopefully things will start to piece together.

2. I have officially lost 21 pounds! Can you believe it??? I feel amazing and have gained a new found confidence. The discipline that I have had with food now has stemmed over into other areas of my life...its been AWSOME!

3. I can now run 5 miles without stopping with the double jogging stroller...and I actually LIKE it! The boys and I look forward to our morning runs and really love these cooler mornings! The route I take has sheep, prairie dogs, birds, ponds and lots of other runners/walkers/ keeps us entertained!

4. I have dropped Baker's morning nap! With Jacob I did not drop the morning nap until 18 months...and Baker is only 14 months. He is a lot younger...but it is so nice having our mornings free and not have to work around his nap. Also, when they go down they are ready to sleep and they take really LONG, good naps! Leaves me enough time in the afternoon to get my chores done, check my email/facebook/blog and I can even lay done for a short while! Its been nice.

5. I have finished painting the inside of the house...its looks beautiful and really feels like our home. Paint adds SO much to a room! I have a couple little book shelves I want to paint other then that I am done with BIG projects for now...I will post pictures soon!

6. My house is ready for fall! I have my pumpkin spice candles out, my fall decorations in place, and fall colored dish towels ready for use! I LOVE it! In a couple weeks we will head to the pumpkin patch to get our pumpkins! This really is my favorite time of year!

7. I am hooked on Gilmore Girls right now! I can not get enough!