Thursday, March 24, 2011

Jacob turns 3!

On March 11th Jacob turned 3 years old! It was a joy to celebrate the day with him! He was so excited for his birthday...For a month prior he would tell us, "my birthday is almost here!" He woke up to balloons, presents and our traditional birthday cinnamon rolls!

Jacob on his birthday morning!

Clothes...always exciting!

His Woody!

Blowing out his THREE candles!

After presents and cinnamon rolls I asked him what he wanted to do next..."Watch Cars!" So thats what we did...watched Cars:)

Watching Cars!

Later that day in our new birthday outfit we headed to the park with our good friend Lily! It was a beautiful day!

Jacob at the park

We then headed home for our favorite lunch of Mac and Cheese! We then took naps and rested up for our special surprise that evening! My dad came over to babysit Baker while we took Jacob to meet Namma in Denver for the big event! We took him to see the Disney show The Imagination Movers. It was basically a rock concert for kids! It was really fun and cute to see Jacob watch four grown men sing about brushing teeth, eating vegetables and getting strong! It was crazy and an absolute free for running up and down the aisles, standing on chairs, dancing till their hearts content. Jacob was most comfortable just sitting on our laps and watching!

Namma and Jacob at Imagination Movers

After about an hour of overstimulation:) we headed home to a yummy dinner of fish and chips! It was a joy to have my parents spend the evening with us and celebrate Jacob. They blessed him with a big wheel! He was super excited!

Jacob and his new big wheel!

It was a wonderful day and so fun to see my baby be so BIG! It really is crazy how fast they grow. God has truly blessed us!

A week later Jacob got a surprise in the mail from his Grandpa and Grandma Staples...a Lightening McQueen Power wheels! Seriously every kids dream:) He is a loved little boy thats for sure!

Jacob and Lightening!

Just so we have witness that Baker was part of this joyous day!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

We're Expecting!

Baby Staples #3 is on his/her way! We are so excited! I am currently 15 weeks prego and due September 5th! In about 4 weeks we will find out if we are having a boy or girl...always exciting! Jacob is adorable with this pregnancy...he recognizes my belly and constantly tells me I am growing BIG! I am showing a lot early with this baby then my other two...did you find this true with your subsequent pregnancies? Jacob loves looking at the App on my phone that shows what the baby looks like at his/her current stage and has wanted us to read the book Angel in the Waters about a million times. "Thats what our baby looks like mama!" So sweet. Baker has no idea, but I am sure he will become more aware soon!

This pregnancy has been my most difficult one thus far. I had to be placed on progesterone with this little guy (more of that story to come later) so I am not sure if that made my symptoms worse. 1st-I am so tired..which is true with all pregnancies...but maybe with two active boys running around I am feeling it more. There has been little to NO housework being done around here:(. Morning sickness, or ALL DAY SICKNESS is still with me:(. Somedays are better then others and I truly feel like I am on the up swing of things...but seriously the throwing up is no fun at all! I have also had several other viral infections which has made life just a little more fun...right! Exercise...what is that?!? I have felt like doing absolutely nothing and can feel myself getting more out of shape by the minute.

But enough of the complaining! I feel truly blessed to have this little one with us and cannot wait to meet him/her! For some reason I am most excited to meet this little one. Baker will be a little over 2 when this baby makes his/her appearance and I am yearning for that little newborn baby again! God is SO GOOD!

Seriously...having kids is so much fun!!!