Wednesday, November 30, 2011

5 years...

Last week Dave and I celebrated 5 years of marriage! I can't believe it! In 5 years we have had 3 beautiful little girl in heaven, 5 moves and a master's for Dave almost complete! Its been a busy 5 years, full of wonderful memories, lots of laughter and plenty of tears...both tears of joy and sadness! I have had my best friend by my side through it all! Every year we go back and watch our wedding video and relive the day! So much fun!!! I love seeing all the friends that were part of our day...and everyone dancing at the reception is a plus! I am so grateful for this video! The boys watched it with us this was so much fun..they kept asking where they were in the video....they didn't quite get it! 5 the scheme of things is really not that long, its fun to know that this is just the beginning of out life together. God willing we will have MANY more memories together, have more children and lots more adventure in this wonderful world of parenthood!

November 25, 2006

Our first Easter with Jacob

Now a family of 4...finding our pumpkins

5 of us in September

Earlier this year I posted the story of how Dave and I met and our engagement story...I am reposting it HERE if you want to read it again!

Have a blessed day!

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