Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Whats Happening with The Staples...

Looking back I have not blogged very much over the summer...sometimes life just gets busy! But here I have found a few moments to sit down and update you few readers I have:)

1. We just got back from a three week trip out to Michigan. It was really very nice to spend time with Dave's family and catch up with several of our mission partners we have out there. On the way out we spent two nights at Mahoney State Park in Nebraska. Last year we camped but being 7 1/2 months pregnant I voted for the air conditioned lodge! We had a blast! We hiked, paddle boated, fed fish, played. played. played, and spend an afternoon at the water park. It was really nice to have some family time together and just relax! In Michigan, Dave's family lives in a VERY small town..its very cute and quaint. There is no cell phone service...well hardly any:) And lots of farms. "I see cows! Hold!" was all we heard Baker say. (Thats his new favorite thing to say..."hold!" he wants to hold EVERYTHING, no matter the size! Its really pretty cute:)!) The humidity was crazy..being a Colorado girl... but we managed to get through it! The boys enjoyed seeing their gramma and papa out there and had lots of quality time with them...they were spoiled! Always nice to visit! We miss them for sure!

2. WE ARE MOVING! In 10 days...and I haven't even started packing yet:)! Dave will be serving FOCUS at Colorado State University (CSU) next fall so we will be moving to Fort Collins. We are so excited! I grew up in Fort Collins and thats where my family is and several of my aunts, uncles and cousins. We will be living 1.8 miles from my parents house...some of you might think this is CRAZY;) but I am so excited to live close to them! It will especially be nice with #3 coming along here! I am so not looking forward to packing, that is why I have been putting it off! I wish I could snap my fingers and everything would hope in to boxes, just like Mary Poppins! I guess the positive is we get to clean out everything and find all those missing toys!

3. I am 32 weeks pregnant and feel that way too! I don't know if it's the heat or all the traveling that we just did but I am so tired...ALL. THE. TIME. I am not as "quick" to get up for sure and I have swollen ankles too! But enough of this complaining...we feel blessed! Beau John Paul is an active little guy in the womb so I can only imagine what he will be like when he is born. I sit and daydream about what he will look like, what is smile will be like, holding a sweet, tiny baby again, his smell and all the joy another life will bring to our family. 3 of my friends have had their babies in the past week and I am getting baby envy...I want to meet little Beau so much with all my heart...but I will just have to wait! It's not quite his birthday yet!

Not a very good picture...but here is Baker resting on my belly!

4. Baker will be 2 July 17th. I cannot believe how much this little man has grown up in the past couple months. Everyday he surprises me with something new he knows. His vocabulary and the way he communicates with us has grown leaps and bounds! He is just plain funny and makes us all laugh...including Jacob! Even though he does NOT listen, his favorite word is "NO!" and he doesn't sit in timeout unless you are restraining him...you can not help but love the kid!

5. This is my new favorite song...


Brandi said...

Fantastic entry, Kari!!
Love the PEEK into your family (from halfway across the country)!! :)

Caitlin said...

So excited you guys are moving here!!!! And I am pretty much in love with Blake Shelton. And even though I only have one child and am only 18 weeks pregnant, I am also tired all the time! lol