Wednesday, April 20, 2011

What's Happening with The Staples...

1. Yesterday I did ALL of the laundry and was able to fold it and put it away! I have not done this in MONTHS! It usually sits on the couch for days while piles of laundry waiting to go in the washer sit in the hall. It was such a great feeling! I didn't go to bed till 11:15 last night but I was determined to get it done!
**Side note: The boys somehow, without my knowledge, found my RED lipstick and put it in their hamper. When doing their laundry I dumped it all in the washer without realizing it:(. Now, all of their clothes have bright RED marks all over them! UGH a thousands times over! A few good friends of mine swear by off to the store we went this morning to buy some oxiclean so I could start soaking these clothes. I have never used oxiclean before but have been inspired by these women. I'm not sure how well it will work though since the clothes have already been dried with the stains...we will see! They are soaking now...wish me luck!

2. We seem to have taken a couple steps backwards in Jacob's ability to use the potty. For the past two months he has being doing AWESOME with very few accidents but the past couple of weeks we have been having SEVERAL accidents...most of them being poop (yesterday 3):(. I have been unsure how to handle these accidents. Do I discipline him for going poop in his pants or to I treat it like I have past accidents, "Accidents happen and its okay!" We have been struggling. Today we have gone back to a jelly bean after he goes in the potty. If any moms have suggestions or have gone through this I am all ears!

3. Lent is almost over. I am embarrassed to admit that I have really struggled this lent with staying true to my lenten fasts. I wish I would have been more disciplined during this season. My prayer has been good though which I am thankful for. May these last few days before the Resurrection of out Lord be a time of prayer and grace for all of you!

4. Last night I went shopping for the boys Easter baskets! I HAD SO MUCH FUN!!! I spent way to much money on candy though...why is Easter candy SO delicious??? Probably because we don't eat it until Easter! Dave did make me take two bags back though...he thought I went a little overboard:)

5. Yesterday during lunch we has a little thunderstorm ! It was so cool! We had it all... a little hail, thunder, lighting and rain! The boys were quiet during their whole lunch as we sat there and watched mother nature at work! It was beautiful!

6. Baker has discovered the word "NO"! Seriously that is ALL he says! I try so hard not to laugh every time he says it because the way he says it is SO darn cute! The cuteness of an almost two year old is unbearable!

7. The other day I was cleaning the bathroom and went to check on the boys and saw this...

Melt my heart!


Julie said...

Kari! I love hearing what is happening in the Staples household! I owe you a message but I don't know if I have much wisdom, but only experience. Hopefully we can catch up soon. Oh and I have a few thoughts about the potty training issue. This is my philosophy and it may be harsh, but it seems to work. If he has the concept down, then he is past the rewarding system. Thus, we can have accidents, but multiple would lead to discipline. When JP was having multiple accidents, I warned him that another one would mean that I would take his favorite bear (that he sleeps with! I know--MEAN!! But I wanted it to really hit home.) He did have another accident, and I took the bear until he could keep his underwear clean. It hit home even though I have had to remind him that another accident means I get a toy. Might work if you are getting frustrated.

LullabyMom said...

I have to agree that this blog-spot is one of my favorites that I follow! We love keeping up on the Staples family and the on-goings of their busy household. I can relate about the laundry. But, thankfully, I have older children that can help and they should help. Especially—it is mandatory if you home school. Tony usually washes and dries the laundry, while the children (and I) sort it and put it away. It’s not perfect, but it does get finished.
As for potty training, if I can be of any encouragement--hang in there---it will happen. I remember I was so frustrated when I started to train my oldest. He didn’t catch on as fast as his younger brother. But my third, our first girl, was hard to train too. Then the next two were very easy. We’ll see if Dominic follows suit, but who knows?? I would just back off personally, put him in diapers and then try again in a couple of weeks. In my own experience, it is counter-productive using discipline. Some have said that using cloth diapers helps them train faster, but in my case, it just depends on the child and their own personality.
Easter, yes, Easter! I love shopping for Easter candy, Easter clothing…it is just plain fun. Do you want to know something funny??? Now that we have 6 children, the fun is multiplied, but we only buy one Dove chocolate Easter bunny and bubbles for each of the kids---oh, I don’t forget Mama and Daddy, we’re like little kids too…Love to you and Happy Easter!!