Tuesday, April 19, 2011

We are having a BOY!

Yesterday morning we loaded everyone into the minivan to head to the hospital to have my ultra sound! We were SUPER excited to see our little one on the screen, to find out that our baby is healthy...and to know if we are having a boy or a girl!

We got into the room and I assumed the position, the boys being good for the moment happy with their fruit snacks! The warm jelly was squirt on my belly and the technician asked if we were interested in knowing the sex...we excitedly said YES! Within SECONDS...I'm not kidding...we hear, "well your having a boy!" Wait what....I thought this was the last thing you told us...! I just laughed! Another little man in there! He was NOT being shy either...and believe me..he is truly a boy! He was moving like crazy, seriously doing flips! The technician asked if I was feeling him a lot...which I have not been. She said the reason for this was because my placenta is between me and the baby (if that makes sense) but she said with this active little one I should be feeling him soon!

He was SO cute on the screen and you could already begin to see his little personality playing out! I just CANNOT wait to meet him! September cannot get here early enough!

Several thoughts were going through my head when she told us we were having ANOTHER boy...first was how am I going to handle 3 boys? Am I ready for this? Will I be a good mother to 3 boys! Boys are active, they like to wrestle, they eat dirt, the pretend sticks are swords and guns...am I a wild at heart mom? Then I thought...Dave is going to be the one wrestling with these little men...not me! I can handle this:) I already have 2! Then I started thinking about the friendship between my boys! How this one will come into the pack...begin to follow along one day with his brothers and how great it truly will be!

I remember last summer when we were taking our annual road trip to Michigan to visit Dave's family we had stopped at a rest area and I saw this beautiful family with 3 little boys. They were probably all under the age of 4 and were running and playing with their dad while their mom was getting lunch ready! I remember thinking how beautiful this was and how I would LOVE it if our next one was a boy! I guess God heard that and decided to give us the gift of another boy!

We feel very blessed to have a healthy little boy growing safely in my womb.

During the ultrasound Jacob told the technician that our baby looked like a angel...it was so sweet!

We celebrated with blue cupcakes!


vercfamily said...

LOVE it! So exciting!! Hope you are feeling well!

Kathy said...

I'm a happy Namma!