Sunday, March 21, 2010


I LOVE Sundays! Especially when you are able to spend time with your family. Today was extra nice because Dave didn't have to go to campus. Usually on Sundays he leaves in the afternoon to lead 2 Bible studies and attend student he was able to stay home. It was the start of CU's spring we actually get all week with him... After Mass this morning we went to breakfast together, we don't do this often but we make a point to do it once a month. We then came home and all played together for 2 hours...then nap time arrived. I took a nap when the boys did and 2 hours later I was a well rested women. We then enjoyed the beautiful weather, taking advantage of our backyard. Leftovers for dinner, bath time and bed. We then sat on the couch...Dave slept, with a glass of wine in one hand and popcorn in the other. A wonderful end to a beautiful day!

Not that it will be a complete vacation...he still has class at the AI, which means studying and we still have lots of MPD (mission partner development) to do. But it will be nice having him home in the mornings!

Mornings are actually my favorite time of day. I love the kiddos in their pajamas, morning breath, warm cheeks, bed head from a good nights rest, a nice, BIG warm cup of coffee in my hand, nothing beats it. This week will be really nice!

Here is a picture of what I get to see every morning...

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