Sunday, March 28, 2010

March Madness

March Madness...

The one time of year my husband watches TV...if there is a basketball game on in the month of March, it will be on. The sounds of sneakers on the basketball court, basketballs swishing through the net, cheers from the crowd, whistles blowing and the sound of my husband cheering...or lets be honest, yelling at the television comes from the living room!

Today as we were heading out for Palm Sunday Mass he asked me if we had anything planned after Mass because we needed to get home in enough time to watch Michigan State in the elite 8. Dave is on alumn of Michigan State and cheers for the Spartans whenever possible!

I never was a basketball fan until I met my husband...and now I cheer for the Spartans if they are playing. Today during the game I probably asked him a million questions...and no I am not exaggerating. Questions like..."Why did the coach do that?" or "What is the player thinking?" Questions my husband would just look at me and laugh...but try to answer to appease me.

During the game today Dave was getting SO nervous! He was sitting probably 2 feet from the TV...and in the last 3 minutes of the game (which takes probably 30 minutes) he told me to stop asking him questions...he needed to focus! All in a loving way of course! :) I told him that I now know where Jacob gets it...he likes to stand right in front of the TV too!

Michigan State did win...and it was a close one. They will be headed to the final four and play know what we will be doing!

We have two little good luck charms on our hands that were decked out in their Spartan gear today thanks to Grandma Staples...



Cynthia said...

Too funny! Sounds like your home is an exciting place to be right now! Oh and love the new design!

Kari said...

oh yes! Dave is hysterical when it come to the Spartans!!!