Friday, March 26, 2010

Bath Time

Bath time...oh how we love bath time at the Staples' house!

It is our favorite time of day! After dinner we immediately go into the bath tub, that way there is less clean up! We could spend forever in the bath tub...but I make them get out once their fingers are wrinkled and the water is getting too cold.

Baker can sit up on his own now so he goes into the bath tub with Jacob...what a difference that has much easier! Baker is a CRAZY man! He dives straight onto his belly and begins to splash! Therefore we do not put much water in the bath tub! Jacob constantly asks me "what Baker doing?" I just reply..."He is crazy!"

It is so much fun watching them play in the tub! Their favorite toy is a plastic spoon, who would have thought something so inexpensive would entertain for so long. Thats how everything goes though... buy them a present and the box it came in is way more fun! Jacob has a cup with his spoon and makes soup...yum yum! "Mommy try it!" he says!

After bath time we have clean diapers, soft skin, warm snuggly pajamas and a smell that I could breath in forever! That is my favorite time of day; two boys that smell wonderful and have skin that feels so soft...


A said...

Adorable!! SO glad you have a blog, I can keep up even more this way :)

Exceptional Novice said...

YES!! I need to visit sooner, for real. Sidenote: I love the fact Baker is crazy! I love it!

Brouillettes said...

A-Dorable...what a beautiful set of kids!