Monday, October 20, 2008

How You Can Join the Mission

Our Mission field of FOCUS is the college campuses, and trained in Catechesis, Evangelization and Apologetics we go in teams to campuses where we're invited by a Bishop and Campus Priest or Ministry to reach students.  We encourage true friendship and fellowship, begin Bible studies, and train students in leadership to reach their peers for Christ.
In ten years we've grown substantially to almost two hundred missionaries on 39 campuses, and have become the largest single promoter of diocesan vocations in the nation.  But we are made a reality by those who see the importance of our work and who join our mission by adopting a missionary.
To adopt me as a missionary, click the FOCUS link at the bottom of our blog site or type into your browser.  Click "Support a Missionary" under the Support tab and find my name.  From the main page you can also find out which campuses FOCUS is currently at.  Thank you for your generosity for souls!

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