Tuesday, October 21, 2008

God as the Foundation for FOCUS at CU

I've been reminded often that unless God is the foundation, there's no point in me doing the building. I think it is our tremendous trust in our Lord than that is one of the reasons for our success at CU. I can't even begin to guess at all of the reasons why his blessings flow so freely into our work side-by-side with our student leaders. I simply know we place ourselves and our work into his hands as a team every morning in our holy hour before the Blessed Sacrament, and every day the Holy Spirit's powerful movement is evident in the valiant hearts of those we work with who are living radically authentic Christian lives in this world (and in the Boulder world). If our Lord continues the blessings as they are going now, by year's end - almost by semester's end, our number of student leaders starting/leading weekly Bible studies on campus will have doubled and will be +40. For the sake of souls, please stop for a moment and pray for continued blessings not only for our FOCUS campus, but for all of the others as well. In our Lord and King!

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