Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Still Pregnant!

Well it is September 6th and I was due yesterday...so yes I am still very much pregnant! Hopefully he decides to come into this world soon...very soon!

Does anyone have anything up their sleeves that made their little one arrive??? I have tried many...last night I even drank a dark beer because I heard that helps start things!

I feel like things are moving along though! I have been having many contractions...just not extremely regular! I go to the doctor tomorrow and I will find out my progress...hopefully good news!

If anyone has any prayer intentions I would love to pray for you during my labor. Either leave them in the comment box, message me on facebook or send me an email! I would LOVE to pray for you...those few readers I have :)


Caitlin said...

I tried a lot of things with Tavian because I was trying to avoid being induced! I got a massage and had them put some focus on the pressure points that bring on labor. And it worked! You could always come to me :), but really getting a massage from anyone is worth trying. Especially because even if it doesn't work, it still feels amaazing and is a wonderful treat when so uncomfortable at the end of pregnancy!
As for prayers, I would love it if you could pray that my comfort and body hold up throughout the rest of my pregnancy. It has been getting pretty rough lately! And we will be praying for you over the next few days. Please don't hesitate to let us know if there is anything we can do to help out during the next few weeks. We are so excited for you guys :)

Andrea said...

My chiropractor was the key to me not going super overdue last time. My babies are usually 10-12 days late, this time, I saw my chiro and he asked "wanna have your baby today?" I said "heck yeah!" and he did some different maneuvers. She was born 5 hours later.
Prayers for your last days/hours! The end is SO hard to endure!

Lisa said...

Oh, Kari, I hope he comes soon! I tried everything too, went 12 days overdue and still had to be induced! I even tried the chiropractor, which several people say helps -- while for me it didn't start labor, it did make my back and hips feel much better! I have had people swear by accupuncture, but I didn't try it because my insurance wouldn't cover it. Good luck, and we'll say a prayer for you and your babe!

Jmaddox said...

Chilli :) That's what did it for me with Abby, I'm sure it had nothing to do with it; but I like to pretend :) Good luck friend, we will be praying for you during this very exciting time!!!!

vercfamily said...

I was scheduled to be induced the day Augustine was born, so we tried a lot of things too...something must have worked because I went into labor 4 hours before the induction :) Yeah!

Raspberry herbal tea.
Eggplant parm?? (the recipe swore to put you into labor)
Lots of 30 minute brisk walks!

I forget what else...besides the obvious one ;). Hope something works!

Oh, and can you pray for our baby, too? Thanks!!