Sunday, August 8, 2010

The WONDERFUL World of Weight Watchers!

For probably the last 6 months I have been saying to myself...and my husband, I need to lose some weight...I would say it, get excited about it, and then do NOTHING! It was lame. To be completely candid, I had about 15 pounds to loose after I had Jacob. I got pregnant with Baker when Jacob was 7 months...we were overjoyed. After having Baker there was this stubborn 10 pounds that would not dissipate. So to add that all up I had an extra 25 pounds plus the honeymoon 5 that I had gained (is there such a thing) since my wonderful wedding day. 30 pounds heavier since my wedding day...and if I keep keeping on 10 pounds with every baby I will not be very happy with myself and it will just get harder to loose the weight. Recently Dave and I have been talking/praying about baby number 3...which means that if I want to loose this weight then I NEED to get motivated! We prayerfully decided to wait a short while to have another baby for several reasons which gave me about 2 1/2 months to reach my goal. So we dived into NFP (natural family planning) which we haven't practice since we first got married... its been an all over again learning experience, but we love it!

So now its time to get serious about loosing this weight...can I do it...will I do it??? All these questions rolling through my mind. My mother is my best friend and someone I can talk to about anything...weight included. A mother never wants to see her daughter struggle in any way...especially with body image. She encouraged me in a loving way..never placing any pressure on me or making me feel bad about myself. As a gift she asked if I was interested in weight watchers and that she would purchase my first 3 months...of course I said yes and was SO excited!

3 weeks ago I began this adventure...

In 3 weeks I have lost 11 pounds! I feel SO great! The best part is my confidence in knowing that I can DO is possible! Weight watchers is wonderful because you can still eat...which I LOVE to do! You have a certain number of points each day. Everything you put in your mouth has a point value to learn to love the things that have 0 point cucumber...and salad! You have bonus points in the week as well...I have an extra 35 points for the week that I can use if I go over my daily points. You also get activity AWESOME! If I work out, go for a walk, play outside with the boys, clean...I get extra points for the day!

I am being educated..learning discipline with food and the GOOD things to put in my mouth. This is a life plan! I have noticed that this discipline I have with food has stemmed into other areas of my life. For example, prayer. Finding time in the day...and sticking to it. My schedule is more orderly which leaves everyone a little bit happier! Dave is SUPER encouraging and eats what I eat! He is so wonderful!

We would like to TRY to get pregnant in September/October with gives me a couple months to reach my goal! Please pray for me that I continue to have discipline and the desire to keep loosing weight! It is such a wonderful feeling getting a little bit closer to your goal everyday!

Thanks for listening...weight watchers in wonderful and I would recommend it to anyone!


vercfamily said...

That is so awesome, Kari! What a sweet Mama you have! Keep up the good work and good luck with reaching your goal!!

Caitlin said...

Yeah, super exciting! I am glad you are feeling so great and so accomplished!

Kelly Jo said...

Kari, I'm so proud of you! It is incredibly hard to be disciplined on diet, especially when as a mom you can be lucky to get food in your mouth at all, never mind making sure it's healthy.

One thing to note (my sister is a nutritionist) is that many "point counting" diets focus on calorie counts over nutritional value and nutritional absorption [for instance, super lean meats are hard for your body to digest without good fats]. They also ignore a woman's higher need for good fats and oils for hormone, mood, and energy stability.

On the dietary recommendations of Weston A. Price I lost all my baby weight really fast and kept it off despite a crazy schedule this year. My husband has also lost weight and gained muscle and energy on this diet. If you're interested, check it out and see if some of the principles can be incorporated into the great things you're already doing! Good luck. :)

Miss you! Kel

Cynthia said...


I am so proud of you! Thanks for sharing such a sensitive subject! It's hard to figure out what to eat (that's good for you) on a day to day basis...but judging from what I have seen...and heard...from you, it sounds like you are on a great track. I was so impressed with what you ate at Isaac's birthday! Sheesh...

Keep it up mama! Tell me how that Jillian Michaels is treatin' ya too. I need to get back on that...but without the sit-ups. Preggos can't do sit-ups can they? ;^)

Kathy said...

You are even more beautiful than you were before! Weight Watchers is a wonderful program, I'm glad you are having fun with it.