Tuesday, May 4, 2010

My 5 Favorite Kitchen Appliances

I love to be in the kitchen and I love to cook and bake. A friend posted on her blog a few days ago her 5 favorite kitchen appliances that make her life easier. I thought...what a great idea! I shall do it too!

#1 Stand-alone Kitchen Aid Mixer

This has made my life so wonderful when it comes to baking pizza dough, breads, cookies of all sorts and much, much more. It is so wonderful to have it mix all the ingredients for you while you are doing other things... like getting the next ingredient ready, preparing the pan to bake it in or going to help your toddler who decided it would be a good idea to climb in the crib! It just makes life EASIER!!!

#2 Coffee and expresso machine

If it was not for a cup of coffee...or two or three in the morning I would never have any motivation to do anything around the house! There is nothing like drinking coffee in the morning while you watch your little ones play or on Sunday mornings with your husband!

#3 Waffle maker

We love to make a large breakfast on Saturday mornings! It is a tradition in the Staples' house to have waffles, bacon, eggs and fruit for us all to enjoy! We love to make waffles...it is so easy to make the batter and then pour it onto the waffle maker...within minutes we have warm, golden waffles for us to enjoy!

#4 Large skillet/griddle

This is also a much needed appliance when we make our breakfast. It plugs in alone and we can cook our bacon on it while using the stove for other things. It is especially nice when we have people over for breakfast...it cooks a lot.

#5 Grill

I do not use the grill as much as my husband but we do love it! I usually prepare the food for him to cook! There is nothing better then the taste of grilled chicken or a hamburger! We love having people over to BBQ! It is our favorite!

These are just a few of my favorites, that we use ALL the time and makes our life easier...what are yours?


Cynthia said...

Great idea! I know this sounds crazy...but I love my spatulas that can take extreme heat. I use them for everything sometimes! I also love my nonstick cookie sheets (because I do many things with them besides bake cookies) and our good knife set. There's nothing needed much more than good knives...

Now wait...you said "Kitchen Appliances"...I'm pretty sure I just listed "Kitchen Items/Cookware." Ahh, well. I was never one to take direction well ;^)

Anonymous said...

I love it! My mixer almost made it in...but alas, it wasn't the top 6. haha
Do you have a good waffle batter recipe??? I am a complete and utter failure at waffles, and my sweet husband loves them.
Cynthia- if you see this, what brand are your spatulas? Mine got melted (obviously couldn't take extreme heat!) and I've been on the hunt for a really good one ever since!

Cynthia said...

Oooh, Andrea. I just checked and they are Pampered Chef. Good stuff. Although, unless you have a party planned to go to soon...I remember getting one from a local grocery store/Wal-mart. One of those. I just made sure it said it could take up to 350 degrees or so. Hope you can find some!

Kari said...

I actually just use the Bisquick recipe off the box..its super easy! And works! I should look to see if I can find a better "homemade" recipe.
Cynthia..you are right about knifes and I need some new spatulas too!

Kathy said...

I'm not sure where you got your love for cooking from, but I know for certain it wasn't me. I actually love it when you come over for dinner because you and your dad do all the cooking and then Dave cleans up...oh life is good for Momma Baker :)