Tuesday, November 10, 2009


On Halloween we took Jacobean trick-or-treating! It was the most fun we have ever had on Halloween! Jacob was hilarious...he was a puppy that my mom so graciously made for him. When we would go to a neighbors house Jacob would ring the door bell and when the door opened he would walk in! After he realized thats not how it was done he got the hang of what he should be doing. When the doorbell was pressed he would wait patiently for the door to open, yell trick-or-treat, put his hand out for candy, place it in his pumpkin pail and put his hand out for more. He lasted for almost an hour and would have continued to go on if it wasn't for mom and dad getting a little to cold. Baker was content in the moby the whole time! We can't wait till next Halloween with two running around!

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